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punishment2008-07-21 09:47:26peter133

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General2008-07-18 00:55:09aady

I did not know his background. Is Mr. Kerry of the Jewish faith? It certain sounds wish he was born to a Jewish mother and father. _______________ Aady Addiction Recovery Missouri
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Hey blakwite 2007-04-29 09:57:17mambo

What punishment are you going to mete out to this Kerry "traitor"?

Kerry: A traitor by any other name2007-04-26 04:50:37blakwite

There seems to be a lot of misinformation spreading on the Internet (about) "presidential" candidate, John Kerry .... .... this includes that posted here which states that Kerry returned " .... from a 3-year stint in (Vietnam) during which "he was highly decorated" and that (Kerry) "became famous" ... in 1971 .... Kerry's "stint" in Vietnam, from which sworn service he extracted himself on a contrived technicality and some self-awarded medals and about which he still fabulizes, was closer to three months than three years. And after effectively deserting his crewmen and manipulating his worming out of his sworn service and while still a serving United States Naval "officer," Kerry then traveled to France to meet with and to offer aid and comfort in time of war to America's enemies, which treason caused him to receive the less than honorable discharge that was later politically reversed by the Carter "administration." Kerry's 1971 appearance before Congress and the lies, fabrications, fantasies, fabulizings and perjuries he presented there and has, with some editing, maintained ever since, must therefore be seen as having not contributed to Kerry's "fame," as has been aforehereto claimed -- but to his infamy! The "man" is a scoundrel of the lowest order.

George & John are cousins2004-07-19 23:32:05mariwinn

The Jewish blood comes from John Kerry's father's side of the family. Kerry's mother's side of the family are blue bloods that can trace their lineage back to the Mayflower. Astonishly, someone has just shown that John Kerry and George Bush can trace their lineage back to the same family. I guess that makes them cousins, a zillion times removed, though. Look here:

re Kerry2004-07-11 13:13:07kelsey

I did not know his background. Is Mr. Kerry of the Jewish faith? It sure sounds like he was born to a Jewish mother and father. I think it would be wonderful for our country. I did not know how wealthy this guy is. Maybe we can all agree only rich white guys need apply to the Presidency.

John Kerry's wives2004-02-09 12:52:25darrell

Kerry thinks folks are dying to hear how he'll solve America's economic woes...Yep, I'm green over how he convinced two babes worth hundreds of millions of dollars into marrying him. You neglected to mention his divorce to Philadelphia heiress Julia Thorne after almost 20 years of marriage and two children and consequent marriage to Teresa Heinz (musical fruit heiress). And how many babes in the almost 7 year interim between the first wife and the second didn't quite measure up? This man sure aint gonna relate to my financial status, and, damn, there's no wealthy mama in my crystal ball.

Senator John Kerry's backround unveiled2004-02-06 19:32:41mariwinn

There seems to be a lot of misinformation spreading on the Internet as to how and why the Presidential candidate John Kerry inherited his surname. Some of the information even suggests that he himself changed his name to Kerry so as to be associated with Irish Catholics in Massachusetts, specifically to the Kennedy clan. However, a report which appeared in the Boston Globe in the beginning of the month accurately reveals Kerry's background. He was the grandson of Czech immigrants who changed their surname in order to conceal their Jewish heritage. Kerry's family tree can be traced back to 1873 when his Jewish grandfather named Fritz Kohn was born in a rural area to Benedikt and Mathilde Kohn. Fritz eventually followed in the footsteps of his father, a brewer, practicing the trade in an area dominated by German-speaking Catholics. It was not unusual for Jews to hide their religious backgrounds or their mother tongue, Hebrew, in order to be successful businessmen. In 1902 when he was approaching his thirtieth birthday, Fritz went to a government office in Vienna and changed his first name "Fritz" to "Frederick" and last name "Kohn" to "Kerry." So, when he and his wife Ida and son Erich left Austria in 1905 and set sail to America, they were listed on the ship's manifesto as the Kerrys. After settling in Chicago, the Kerrys moved to the Boston area where Ida gave birth to the future father of John Kerry. Richard Kerry eventually married Rosemary Forbes, a descendant of two wealthy and established Massachusetts families, the Forbes and the Winthrops. The senator, John Forbes Kerry was Richard and Rosemary's first son born in 1943. He had an upbringing commensurate with wealth--attending exclusive European boarding schools as well as private school in New Hampshire. He attended Yale about the same time as President George W. Bush and found a niche in politics on campus. Returning from a 3-year stint in Nam during which he was highly decorated, he became famous for the line he told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 1971: How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake? And the rest of his history is more widely publicized.....
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