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Quote of the year2004-02-08 14:31:45mariwinn

"Lucky you have a President who sees the world the way it is." GWB, 2/8/04, "Meet the Press."

Where's your conscience?2004-02-08 13:48:45k-jones

NATURAL RESOURCES: What will posterity inherit from us? As a nation, America has been a nation with a vision. That vision is to build a better nation for us and our children, or as our nation's founders wrote for "ourselves and our posterity." A good example of this vision in action occurred during World War II. At the time, the oil companies assured Presdient Franklin Roosevelt that we had the production capacity to meet both the military and the civilian needs, but the president said no, that we must save our reserves for future generations. For four years, we drove less than 50 miles per hour, we carpooled, rode trains, buses, bicycles, walked or stayed home to save fuel. President Kennedy realized that vision when he said, "The torch has been passed to a new generation." But that vision has been replaced with greed. We have destroyed more of our natural resources in the last 150 years than have been destroyed since the Ice Age, and the present policy is to speed up the process. The earth has only so much ore, coal, oil, gas and water. When it's gone, it's gone. What kind of legacy are we leaving "our posterity" 220 years from now? Will they perish? The only people who seem to be asking, "What can I do for my country" are young men and women who are losing life and limb to keep oil flowing to the bigger and bigger gas-guzzlers driven 80 miles an hour by bullies. Our countryside is being covered by bigger and bigger houses requiring more energy to heat and cool. Meanwhile, our nuclear power plants are overrun with spent fuel and our coal burners are polluting the air. Isn't it time for us to restore the vision? [Ken Jones resides in Republic.]