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Hello to our visitors from around the world2004-02-12 13:59:16mariwinn

We traced another visitor on The Joplin Independent website back to a third world country and immediately wondered what his or her impressions were of life here. Whenever I think about the possibility that I could have been born in some hell hole of the world, I am constantly paying homage to whatever forces were responsible for my being born in this great but, understandably, not perfect nation of ours. What news would have prejudiced the visitor's viewpoint? Shiny red fire trucks were dedicated; singing valentines were bartered. Nothing overly outrageous was chronicled. Benjamin Franklin, although he often didn't follow his own advice, would have said that a subtle questioning and presentation of events were more useful for achieving reform than out and out screaming and condemnation. The Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce's message is, "Life is good!" It makes no sense to blast this kind of optimism but rather to try to set in motion the means to set things right. We hope anyone visiting is able to read between the lines.
Updated: 2004-02-12 01:00:24