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Passion of Jesus2004-03-14 15:41:48sltimme

Well, I was not impressed with the movie like it has been portrayed on National News and the papers. It was mostly violent due the the beating of Jesus until his death. I think it was really overplayed. I know the Bible says he was beaten, but I am not sure he was beaten as much as it showed on the screen. I think Gibson played this up so it would play on the sympathy of the audience - spread the word of the cruelty and bring in more people = larger profits. We forget the many other humans in history that where beaten to near death for their beliefs. And the cruelty of one human on another... well, we still have that in the world. When I was in Vietnam, I watched American soldiers carve their initials or other wordage into the chest of wounded, not dead, North Vietnamese soldiers. That has always stuck with me as being the cruelest incident that I have ever witnessed. It still haunts me today.