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tort reform2006-07-03 07:12:18henry

i think it was right to enforce tort reform.After all it has strengthened the state’s economy in a variety of ways and are improving the quality of life for every Texan.Check
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more?2004-07-16 15:08:35butler

Bush may not have been right about allot of things and I'm sure his record isn't spotless, but seeing f911 and using it to determine anything is plain stupid. f911 IS NOT A DOCUMENTARY. It's full of half truths and outright lies. I think Moore has done a dis-service to the Democrats and the whole thing may backfire because of it. f911 is entertaining, but it's not a documentary.

Agreed.2004-06-27 20:30:46schuessi

I won't mince words with you about the details of Bush's record. Moore's movie sums it up well enough. You should go down to the mall and demand that Joplin carry it so that you can make up your own mind. Do you still believe in making up your own mind? Do you believe in the first amendment? If Bush is a true soul then God will stand behind him and he will overcome Moore's movie. See the movie. Make up your own mind.

dare2004-06-27 01:31:56babzupto

I dare you to see see your idol for the tard he is

My thoughts on your thoughts2004-06-08 21:23:15kadena

If Bush is a Chritian person then he should tell the truth concerning his disappearance from his Alabama gig. You know as well as me that no evidence exists that he was doing his service. He just sort of diappeared. Bush rushed to Texas to get into the Nat. Guard to avoid being drafted. He was put on the waiting list ahead of over 500 other folks. This was accomplished by his dads cronies. As we all know the Nat Guard is mostly run by the state, so this task was easily accomplished. He entered the Nat. Guard as a officer, without attending any officer training. Not the usual way things are done. Then into pilot training, and then disappeared from the post that he was supposed to be assinged. I saw Bush on TV in 2000 answer a question from a reporter. When asked where he was in the year 1972 he said he could not remember. A whole year of his life erased from his memory. The lie on WMDS is one that has resulted in the loss of over 700 of our men and women, and thousands of Iraq citizens. Many who had no ties to Saddam. Then the Niger incident, which was proven to be false. These are just a few of the lies told to the American people. Now you say he is a Christian, you say he is a good man and is surrounded by great advisers. Great for him for they are just like him, liars and folks that avoided the Vietnam war just as he did or some other trumped up reasons. Kerry went to Vietnam, twice, wounded, saved several of his crew members lives all voluntary. I would think that his record is far superior of any of those you say are so great. He went there, he fought and he had the right to come back and not be in favor of the war. His actions did nothing that cast any doubt on those that had served there. You, in your statements cast a grey shadow upon what Christians are expected to do and how they act. You beliefs and thoughts certainly do not convey the fact that you may consider yourself as a Christian. Christian folks generally donot take to liars so readily. By the way, how long did you serve in Vietnam??? Reality, seems to be something you cannot accept. You seem to live in your own small dream world. You are one of those bright folks that say, Do not confuse me with facts as my mind is made up.
Updated: 2004-06-27 09:16:20

no labels please...only care2004-04-08 00:46:19niandra

i have no political feelings about this at in no way in favor of any one "political party" more than another. I only care about the truth and human life. Why is this not understandable that im concerned about his lies that cause death, his obvious corruption that roots all the way back to grandaddy Prescott Bush trading with the enemy, Nazi Germany. You have to question this mans motives. The information is there if you care at all. People died...lots of them, and the blowback from this is not going to be pretty. I am not biased in any way, thanks for your response.

Your political prejudice is showing2004-04-07 23:11:23n99nt

He 'waged war' based on the same information that was shared with the Clinton Administration, the Brits, the Israelis, and the other countries that followed us into that war. What Clinton could not cope with in 8 years, Bush was supposed to settle in less than 8 months. However, since this is still a free country, you are entitled to your bitter opinion just as I am entitled to mine...only Republicans for the most part are not bitter.

hmmm2004-04-06 23:27:15niandra

So do u pay attention to what this man has done at all? Waged war, did u hear that? WAR.....based on lies and misrepresentations of reality. Killed 10000+ civilians, dumped depleted uranium all over the landscape of Iraq to the tune of radioactivity of 250,000 Nagasaki bombs, and kills more Iraqi's when they oppose the "coalition" in shiite uprisings. You my friend are a common opposition to the truth in this country making it harder for the truth to speak for itself. Not to mention at home where he is scaring us into giving up our constitutional rights. Read the Patriot Act, it is there plain as day. Read, inform yourself, and codemn the hate this president has brought upon us and the world. Ill leave you with a quote. "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759.

My thoughts on President Bush2004-03-28 09:18:05n99nt

I will vote for George W. Bush in November 2004 because I believe he is an honest, sincere, Christian man who has the best interests of this country at heart. He is surrounded by excellent, intelligent advisers who also have the same concerns. He was honorably discharged from the air guard, so he must have fulfilled his obligations there. It does seem odd that they (Dems) are so hung up on military service these days, when their former idol, William Jefferson Clinton, thumbed his nose at the military in the same time frame and that fact was completely overlooked. At least G.W.B. participated. Senator Kerry came home from Viet Nam to totally demolish the reputations of the brave men who served that cause. His Senate hearing testimony at that time, spoke of atrocities beyond belief from our military men. If he truly saw these things, he had a duty to report them to higher authority. I find him totally unbelievable as a serious candidate. The recent tragedy in Spain, and the resulting election of a pacifist government that promises to remove all troops from Iraq is just capitulating to the enemy. President Bush has the moral fiber and character to stand up to terrorism where ever it occurs.