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Limit imposed on emails sent2004-06-06 12:10:44chiefh

DID YOU KNOW: That any company.... (ISP Server) like mine, which is Mediacom...who use AT&T or are owned by AT&T restrict us to 1500 emails per 24 hours? Last Friday night they blocked my email on 28 May at about 7 p.m. and still blocked Sunday 30 May at 4 p.m.! After calling and raising cain with Mediacom...The turned me back on about 10 p.m. last night! Here is the kicker: They wanted to know if I wanted to purchase a business deal so I would be allowed to send more emails! I wonder if this is legal? So, that is where that is going! Has anyone ever heard of a 1500 email limit for every 24 hour period? I have never been made aware of it before! I was told that it just started and when shut down will not be able to send emails for 48 hours and then ya have to call to get it un-blocked!