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lol2004-09-18 16:08:24drgreen

I think so there for i am a Democrat! LOL, Moore is awesome! He knows how to work the narrowminded into a fit. Gotta love it! And please don't say i don't like the movie but i haven't seen it! How dumb is that??
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Moore is a first-class troublemaker2004-08-06 17:24:05n99nt

No, I haven't seen Moore's movie...wasted my money on "Bowling for Columbine" and vowed I never would give that rednecked idiot another dime. My only consolation was that it was shown at a 'cheapie' movie and a senior citizen ticket only cost $2.50. Guess you could call that a cheap lesson. Moore's aim is to remove G.W.B. and he doesn't care how that gets done. Lying to the masses, if you do it often enuf, will get them to believe the lie. Several very responsible people have stated that this movie is factually incorrect. So Saddam was not responsible for 9/11. However, he was a first-class troublemaker and all indications were that he did have WMDs and his past history proved him capable of anything. He thumbed his nose at the U.N. for years and that ineffectual oganization let him do as he wished. So.....Bush believe there was a good reason to take him out. Yes, we did sell him weapons in earlier days, but we have sold weapons on both sides of almost every conflict in recent history. The good old almighty dollar syndrome. I don't know what your opinion is, but I would rather have the war going on over there than here at home. They got us us good. Let's pray it never happens again.

See "Fahrenheit now in Joplin2004-07-20 22:22:23mariwinn

"Fahrenheit 9/11" is now showing in Joplin. Yea, the power of the people! We recommend it to anyone who intends to cast a vote in the coming elections.

re Moore Film2004-07-11 12:55:56kelsey

Mr. Dalton, I am so glad you are beyond enlightened and actually have an immigrant girlfriend! Shooting the breeze with you must be a heck of a lot of fun. I happen to know a thing or two about the Florida controversy and sorry but I am not one of those folks that believe the election was stolen I believe it was won by our President. As for (black) minorities being discriminated in the election process, I have to laugh! Our elections supervisor in Broward County is a black Haitian woman I trust my eyes more than I trust a report! No discrimanation going on here I can assure you! I would worry more about that in your parts than here in Florida. As for what theaters are showing the movie and which are not, as business owners don't they have the right to decide or should we have the government dictate to private individuals how to run their business? Mr. Moore's hate and disapproval of this country extends beyond this film you have to look at the totality of his work, speeches, affiliations, ventures, etc. Please don't be a stupid white man! Mr. Moore hates those too! I am glad though that we have a Michael Moore and I am glad that we have a George W. Bush. If our country simply consisted of either thinking it would not be the great country that it is. And believe me it is a great country!

"Fahrenheit" won't be that influential2004-07-11 10:21:00sltimme

This summer’s blockbuster movie that encompasses controversy and entertainment has to be "Fahrenheit 9/11." According to the news, in some larger cities people are even standing in line for hours to see the movie. The film seems to infuriate most, if not all, republicans, and bring praise from the democrat oriented. I recently saw the film and found it to be a startling view of the Bush administration. I cannot verify that all the content of the film is true, but it appeared to me that Michael Moore did his homework by providing much documentation for the film’s content. In addition, it is being hailed as a documentary, which I have always considered to have a significant foundation of truth. My republican friends say the film is biased and cannot be considered a documentary, although none of them have yet to see the movie. But aren’t most documentaries biased in some form. Documentaries about the German atrocities to the Jews are very biased. I see the film "Fahrenheit 9/11" as presenting the viewof one person, Michael Moore, who finds the Bush administration favoring the interests of big business with little concern for the working woman/man. No where in the film does Michael Moore encourage or insist that people vote democrat. He is only presenting facts as he perceives them and leaving it to the audience to make conclusions about George W. Bush and his administration. There were many points in the film that I found to be frightening, especially the relationship the Bush administration apparently had with the bin Laden family and the Saudis. I believe the film will mostly strengthen many Americans' views that President Bush is not being completely honest with the public and that he has deceived most concerning the reasons for war in Iraq. Obviously, these issueswill come to light as we approach the election season. The film is worth seeing no matter what one’s political affiliation. A few people may change their views about President Bush after viewing the film, but, in my opinion, most will not.

The Wallace Theater censorship2004-07-10 19:25:55mariwinn

"Fahrenheit 9/11" is now being shown locally at the B&B Neosho Cinema 6, Dickinson Mall Cinema 8 in Pittsburg and the Parsons Theatre in addition to the original showing in Springfield that may be held over. It appears that the film has been censored nationwide, not just in Joplin, by Wallace Theaters management. It is not being shown in any of their theatres in 17 states. So far, Wallace has not answered our request for an explanation. If anyone cares to contact them regarding their decision, he or she may post comments on their website:
Updated: 2004-07-10 06:26:46

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Michael Moore, Is Ft. Lauderdale Still In Florida2004-07-10 15:32:45mddalton

The July 7 “Moore Film” posting left me a bit unsettled, so I have to respond. 1. “…remember he [Moore] hates America, everything it stands for and does not respect one thing about it.”. Why does Moore hate America? There wasn’t any evidence presented to support this charge other than Moore is critical of certain things in this country. The right to be critical is not “un-American,” it is “truly American”. Moore doesn’t find it acceptable for corporations to devastate American working families for the sake of profit or for politicians to take us into war based on misinformation (where are those WMD’s?). Why does that make him "hate America"? 2. “He [Moore] will not be jailed, exiled, made to disappear, instead he will become more popular and make a lot of money.” All true, but don’t forget that Republicans tried to censor this film (they succeeded in Joplin and many other places) and they smear him by saying, “he hates America” it seems only because they don’t like what he is saying. 3. “It is American's who have never gone hungry…”. According to the United States Department of Agriculture in 2002 (the latest data available), 11.1% of the American people were "food insecure", an increase from 10.7% from the previous year. You may read the report at 4. “It is American’s…who have the right to vote”. The United States Commission on Civil Rights (a bi-partisan commission) reported in June 2001 that there was evidence that pointed to “widespread disenfranchisement and denial of voting rights” in the 2000 Presidential race in Florida. They also stated, “The governor [brother of Pres. Bush] chose not to exercise his authority to appoint special officers to investigate alleged election law violations in response to the allegations of impropriety in the 2000 presidential election.” The Commission then recommended, “The U.S. Department of Justice should initiate the litigation process against the governor regarding his failure to appoint special officers to investigate alleged election law violations that discriminated against people of color.” Let me see, Ft. Lauderdale is still in Florida, right? You should have been aware of what happened in Florida in 2000. I think it was widely reported. The full report may be read at 5. “Talk to an immigrant sometime will ya?” My girlfriend is an immigrant and we have daily conversations.

re Moore Film2004-07-08 00:29:28joplin

I don't live in Joplin. I have lived in Ft. Lauderdale for most of my life. On a daily basis I come into contact with people from all different parts of the world including Asia, the Middle East, South America, Europe, simply from just about every country, some I had never even heard of. I know America is not perfect, I know this for a fact because I know there is no perfect country and never will there be one. But I wish you could have seen and heard the thankful immigrant couple whose daughter's life was saved by paramedics that arrived at their house in a short four minutes I wish you could have heard what that father had to say to those paramedics about them and about this great country how thankful he was for the emergency services that are not found in his country. Watch Farenheit 911 to your hearts content, watch it till your eyeballs fall out. It is a free country and you have every right. But, as you view it, please be thankful. Be thankful that Mr. Moore can critize our President, our government, our armed forces, then he can go abroad freely and critize, ridicule, misrepresent our country and nothing will happen to him. He will not be jailed, exiled, made to disappear, instead he will become more popular and make a lot of money. What a country! Specially when you stop to consider that in many countries Mr. Mooore goes to discredit us their people do not have the same freedom. Sorry for ranting. Watch his movie but please be thankful and do not let Mr. Moore think for you think for yourself. And one more thing as you watch his film remember he hates America, everything it stands for and does not respect one thing about it. Now, if we could just get his message out to the people all over the world who yearn for freedom, opportunity, and a better life for themselves and their children if they would just believe Mr. Moore's message that would solve all our immigration problems. Unfortunately, immigrants are simply too smart and have seen too much to be deceived, they will not believe Mr. Moore they will still see what is right with America. It is American's who have never gone hungry, who have never been jailed for political views, and who have the right to vote, that will be most likely to believe him. Maybe we have had it too good for too long and like a spoiled child can not appreciate what we really have. Talk to an immigrant sometime will ya?

Fahrenheit 911 Excellent2004-06-28 09:56:06mddalton

I lived in the Joplin area for about 27 years. Yep, went to MSSC and PSU. Now I live in St. Louis (thank god). So, given that, I feel your pain. I saw Fahr 911 Sunday night and it was excellent. Find someway to see it and take all of your friends, family, children, passers-by, etc. I'm not surprised that they're not going to show this film in Joplin. I mean, in 2002 it was aired on a local news station in Joplin that "Civil Rights Activist, Charleton Heston," would be coming to Joplin to speak. Those on the right stay in power by keeping the populace ignorant and Fahr 911 is just too educational for their tastes.

Will people see it, believe it and vote?2004-06-27 22:44:15sharon

I already had read and vetted many of the facts that Mr. Moore used in his polemic, "Farenheit 9/11." So my views hardly have changed. New to me and extremely dramatic was the footage of the African American representatives asking for a stop to the acceptance of the electoral college results due to the voting disenfranchisement of so many Floridians. Again and again they stated that not one Senator had signed on to support their appeal. Since the very best spin I can put on such spinelessness is that most wanted the country to "go on" despite the clear illegality of the election results, it seems the best we can hope for is to replace this administration.....The violence that our young men and women internalize in order to externalize is not new but still, as usual, horrifying. Read Jarhead; see "Fog of War." It is old and continuously disregarded.....The near impossibility of separating our military activity which should serve public interests and the industrial complex which serves private interests is historic. Moore did a fairly humorous and clear visual job of showing us the newer twists of this particular partnership. Paul Krugman of the "New York Times" wrote..."the administration's fanatical commitment [is] to privatization and outsourcing, in which free market ideology is inextricably mixed with eagerness to protect and reward corporate friends.".....The big question, of course, is -will the film convince the undecided voter to vote for Kerry? This assumes they see it, they believe it, and they vote. I can only pray.--Sharon Mueller - Kansas City

Just saw it in Dallas2004-06-27 20:26:01schuessi

Most of my Mom's side of the family lives in Joplin so I'm up there every few months to visit with the relatives. My uncles range from being suspcious of the government to solid, patriotic Republicans. I'm pretty liberal so my Republican family and I don't always see eye to eye. I'm not out to win an arguement with my family out of spite. I love them, I see some things that maybe I think they've missed and I try to do my best to explain the things I hear and believe in the less conservative world that comes from living in a big city. Flat out, I think that Moore's movie has much more truth in it than lies and that our country is in trouble. 9/11 is the highest grossing movie in the United States. It sold more tickets in its first day than any other movie even though it is only showing in a third as many theatres. When someone decides that a movie this popular can't been seen in your town because "it's too political" then you better wake the heck up and start making some noise. That kind of behavior isn't American, it's Soviet. It's totalitarian. Remember the 1st amendment. Go down to the mall and give the theatre manager a piece of your mind. You tell him that you are willing to pay cash on the barrelhead to see that movie and that it is sold out in every other city in the US. If that doesn't work, start looking for a copy on the Internet. ;-) ps. Just so you know I'm not some fake Internet guy trying to confuse the good people of Joplin, I've been eating Fred and Red's since I was a boy and love the Spaghetti Red. Cheers!

??? what would make you angry2004-06-27 11:48:52darwin26

...I'm puzzzzzeled as to what would make "John" angry??? What specifically did you Not agree with in F/911?...the Taliban as guests of Dubya? Brittany?...the omission of Depleted Uranium ... What in this film did not make you Sad, or Outraged??? Perhaps, the angles of The Thug's golf stroke ...good shot, eh! Or were you nauseated at the Democrats' back-bone of Oatmeal? Is it 'left of center' to want the facts on a silver platter and is it 'left of center' to prosecute the lying, thieving scum bags ??? Has there ever been a Film that has theaters foregoing the $$$ in order to protect you from reality?
Updated: 2004-06-27 10:53:45

Private Censorship2004-06-27 11:40:40libpat

Any theatre owner that decides that a film "is too liberal" for his/her community does that community a great disservice. Who are they to decide or even know how their community in its entirety does or should think? It is private censorship. That is un-American. In my opinion, if for no other reason than profit alone these theatre owners are fools. The movie is sold out everywhere it's playing this weekend.
Updated: 2004-06-27 10:49:21

Too liberal? The Mike Moore movie2004-06-27 11:34:40johnson

Everyone that is talking bad about F911 needs to get their heads out of their butts and realize that this movie is based mostly from ideas and opinions of one group put together by one man with a lot of issues with the President of the United States. You as the viewer can choose to see it or not, as there is no reason why certain cities and even states are not going to show it. If you talk bad about the movie without even seeing it, that makes you closeminded. I think that some people are scared to see some of this stuff and its reality. Not everything in the movie I totaly agreed with or even understood, but I saw it last night and thought that it was great otherwise. I don't hate Bush because of it. I'm not that kind of person to just hate or love someone because of what one person says about them, but I do think that Bush is a little bit ditzy and wastes a lot of time from some of the evidence shown in the video. This makes me very annoyed but not scared or angry like it does some Americans. --John Littleton, Colorado

idea2004-06-27 01:23:24babzupto

Call Michael Moore or one of his representatives. Ask them to arrange a private showing at Pittsburg State University. 12:24:34
Updated: 2004-06-27 12:25:40

Internet talk with Michael Moore2004-06-26 12:49:31jeanb

This Monday, June 28, Peace Network Of The Ozarks will be hosting a get together at the Library Station, 2535 N Kansas Expressway, with our neighbors to hear Michael Moore as part of "Turn Up the Heat: A National Town Meeting on Fahrenheit 9/11." You should come! The Library Station is located one block north of The Kearny and Kansas Expressway intersection on West side of road in Springfield. Michael Moore's new movie (which opens Friday, 6/25 at the Campbell 16) is an incredibly powerful film that lays bare the cynicism and greed behind Bush's war policy. Apparently, it's full of footage that few people in this country have ever seen -- footage that has the power to sway the 2004 election. Tens of thousands of MoveOn members are gathering in living rooms and meeting halls on Monday. Peace Network will join a live, online, interactive audio conference with Michael Moore, we'll discuss the movie, and we'll plan local actions to help win back the White House. So go see the movie this weekend, and, if you can, join the national town meeting! You can sign up to join PNO here. It would be great to have some food to snack on, so please bring some snacks along to share with the rest of the crowd. EDITOR'S NOTE: SORRY, ALL SEATS HAVE BEEN RESERVED.
Updated: 2004-06-27 11:25:42

Fahrenheit 911, is it too liberal for area?2004-06-26 12:20:18sltimme

I called our local movie theater and asked them when Fahrenheit 911 would be playing. I was told it would not come to Pittsburg because it was too liberal for the area. Later I was told that it will not play in Kansas, only in Kansas City (Don’t know if that is on the Kansas or Missouri side.). I also heard that the theaters in Joplin will not carry the movie. I guess we are just stupid folks that can’t make an intelligent decision concerning the contents of a film. So, does anyone else have any thoughts about it?
Updated: 2004-06-26 11:21:13