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Politicos for whatever you want to hear2004-08-15 22:38:51n99nt

Nothing new there---- Like all politics speaking on both sides of every issue, they all tell you exactly what you want to hear. Years back my husband and I went to two coffee/fund raisers for Jon Kyle [Republican-AZ four terms House followed by two terms Senate]. The concerns of the local ranchers at that time were against some type of gun control and a federal land grab that was in the works. He straight-facedly told those ranchers that he was on their side, and, so, "Please elect me." He was sent to D.C. and guess what? Shortly after he was seated in the Senate, those issues were on the floor. He pulled a 180 and voted exactly opposite to what he said he would do. When someone queried him on his vote, his response was, "I didn't know all the facts."...Addressing both candidates dismal academic records at Yale and Cheney's having flunked out of the same school, I guess lots of now successful people blew off many opportunities to study there..and didn't grow up for many years...The Republicans are criticizing Kerry's wealth because he attempts to present himself as a "common man, one of the masses." He never was, being born into wealth, schooled overseas and, like Bush, part of the silver spoon set...Contrary to popular opinion, the "F" in "JFK" stands for "Fitzgerald," not "flip-flop." And I conclude that Kerry is, indeed, an idealist with his clever remark about waging the war on terror in a more 'sen-sit-ive' manner. He would do better campaigning if he kept his mouth shut. Ditto Theresa! What a first lady she would make! The difference between her and Laura is the difference between "class" and "crass." Thas' my not so humble opinion.