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KSN TV, Joplin blunders big time2005-12-16 23:23:01mambo

Airing this evening on KSN TV, Channel 16, in Joplin, MO was a story about the vote against renewing the Partiot Act. The news clip said four Republicans along with the Democrats voted against renewing the Patriot Act. Then a short clip of Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist was shown with him saying a vote against the Patriot act constituted "retreat and defeat". The news story ended shortly thereafter. After looking at the U.S. Senate roll call vote regarding the Patriot Act a glaring NBC omission appears. It seems 5 Republicans and one Independent voted with the Democrats against renewing the Partriot Act. The fifth Republican voting against the Patriot Act was Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist! Why did NBC fail to include this major piece of information in their coverage of the vote? Instead they made it seem as if Republican Frist was voting for it. (Jeffords, Vermont was the Independent no-vote. Republicans who helped defeat this bill were Craig, Idaho; Hagel, Nebraska; Murkowski, Alaska; Sununu, New Hampshire and Bill Frist, Tennessee.) When the Republicans scream about the "liberal media," they are not talking about mainstream NBC. Keep this in mind when watching your news. What you are fed is not always the truth.
Updated: 2005-12-16 11:44:51