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Looking for Max Spurgeon2004-12-28 09:52:57melody

My name is Melody Thompson. I live in Portland, OR. I need a little help locating someone that is supposed to live in Joplin. Yet I have no way of finding him. His name is Max Spurgeon. He was married to my mother years and years ago. Although he is not my real father, I was always told he loved me and my two older brothers like we were his own. My mother passed away recently and I've always wanted to meet this man...My mother's name was Debbie Emerson (Kimmel, Rathbun). I was called Korena Kimmel. My brothers' names are David Rathbun (he's the oldest) Billy Kimmel (he's second). Please tell me if you can help me.
Updated: 2004-12-28 09:55:36