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fair coverage?2004-12-24 15:26:55unity

how can we get fair coverage when the corporate powers own these news stations? The ones that are not owned have an agenda of their own political ends. I am part of an effort to unite Independents and give back the country to the citizens. Please visit to see our mission statement and activities.

European assessment of Americans2004-12-09 01:48:33mariwinn

Susan, after being in western Europe for over 5 weeks, I have come to the conclusion that most Europeans, including the French, do not hate most Americans. Some may feel sorry for the pigheadedness shown by many of us or they may be reviled by the cocky attitude and lack of manners that some of us demonstrate to them, but their real animosity is toward our government. We seem to be living in a dictatorship of our own making.

Fair News Coverage?2004-12-09 00:10:33susan49

Am I the only one who feels that we aren't getting fair and unbiased coverage in the news media? I talked to a woman in Canada online tonight and I had no idea that other countries - mainly Europeans - hate Americans? Why don't we see ANYTHING that is negative Bush. I am personally sick of the love fest our news commentators are having with this idiot!