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RES response to Missouri governor's action2005-12-29 14:06:36jgelfand

Although we have not yet been provided with a copy of the order, we are shocked and disappointed with Governor Blunt’s statement that he has requested that the Missouri Department of Natural Resources temporarily close our plant in Carthage. There is already a process in place where the city of Carthage and the DNR have been working closely together to ensure that Renewable Environmental Solutions (RES) operations are appropriate. In fact, RES was scheduled to meet next week with the city and DNR. With input from the DNR and the city, we have invested heavily in engineered systems and equipment to ensure that the plant is operating optimally. RES is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen as we pursue our mission to commercialize a technology that can provide Carthage, the country and the world with an environmentally sound renewable source of energy.