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In response to Blunt's patriotism2006-07-01 09:43:26ma-earth

While the governor is spouting free expression, I couldn't help but comment over his compulsion to spout the Republican Party line that our military (excuse me, "patriots") "currently serving in harm's way" are somehow defending "freedom and democracy," ours or anybody else's. Also, I hope he remembers that the U.S. supported thugs like Saddam Hussein, thereby perpetrating the "repressive regimes" of which he speaks. And I guess he didn't read the alternative press regarding those that wrongly were arrested in places like New York City during the Republican Convention who certainly were unable to "freely express their views without fear of persecution"...or is "prosecution" a different concept? And crediting our "Founders" for fighting bravely "to establish an independent America," leaves no homage to the true braves who fought vainly to keep the land they called home...If the repressors succeed in their heated efforts to control comments on the Net, then the one true freedom we would have is to gag.
Updated: 2006-07-01 09:47:05