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And Farm Bureau gives wads of cash to Blunt2006-12-09 17:36:02mambo

No one has really explained why a shortage of dairy cattle in MO is a crisis. Has anyone noticed a shortage of milk or cheese in our stores lately? Have dairy prices been skyrocketing? The only dairies I know of who are starting up in SW MO are owned by New Zealanders. How does that help Missouri, when profits leave the country and we get the crap and low wage/high turnover jobs? I guess that is the point. MO is becoming known as the "wild west of agriculture" thanks to Farm Bureau and lack of significant oversight by our state agencies. Hell, the Mo. Dept of Natural Resources has become an economic development agency in recent years. So the Gov promotes cattle and dairy but fails to mention poultry and hog. Don't want to bring up those big stinking sore subjects too often does he. Besides, with 160 million poultry in the SW corner of MO, would you want to talk about it? What an embarrasment for the gov. And we would not want too much publicity about all the raw waste from these birds that is being spread about the land, washing into out waterways and then leaving the state. Well maybe there is a silver lining to this feathered cloud after all. Kansas and Oklahoma don't seem to be that well funded or concerned enough to object significantly so maybe SW MO is the right place to pile on more dairies, chicken farms and such. SW MO gets the benefit of low wage/high turnover jobs, the animal factories get bigger profits from exporting more of their products out of the country and the waste happily dissappears from the state. Anybody know the stock symbols for Land O'Lakes, Tyson, Simmons or Butterball? Sounds like we are in a growth trend to me.