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Report on educational improvement released2007-01-25 13:57:07comsec

Based on months of testimony and deliberation, the bi-partisan Senate Interim Committee on the Cost of a College Education chaired by Sen. Gary Nodler (R-Joplin) has issued a report detailing how the state can improve Missouri's system of higher education. They determined that Missouri as a state needs to direct more money to public colleges and universities to bring down tuition rates and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of college-savings plans, scholarship programs and student loans so more students have access to a higher education. Also called for is continuing research on how to improve the method by which the state funds higher education so that the unique characteristics of each university and college are taken into account. To obtain a copy of the committee report, please contact Farrah Fite at (573) 751-1562.

Governor praised for education initiatives2007-01-25 13:44:43c-brown

The Board of Trustees and Administration of Crowder College would like to commend Governor Blunt for establishing higher education as a top priority for the State of Missouri. His call for enhanced institutional funding, increased scholarship assistance for students, and the innovative Lewis and Clark initiative are all heartily embraced. According to Interim President, Dr. Alan Marble, “This is the first time, in a long time, that we have witnessed such focused attention on higher education. We are very grateful for Governor Blunt’s leadership in addressing these vitally important issues.” These courageous reforms will not only benefit students through increased scholarship funding, but they will also help buttress the economy of the entire State. We are indebted to Governor Blunt for making higher education a front burner issue.