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Sherrifs' Ass'n. supports death penalty2007-01-26 11:36:48a-dunn

The Missouri Sheriffs' Association of Jefferson City joins with Gov. Matt Blunt in calling upon the 94th General Assembly to pass legislation establishing a mandatory death sentence for persons convicted of Murder of a Law Enforcement Officer.--Mick Covington, exec. dir.
Updated: 2007-01-26 11:38:02

Maximum penalty for murdering law enforcement2007-01-26 11:20:27terri-d

The Missouri Police Chiefs' Association, headquartered in Jefferson City, stands in support of Gov. Matt Blunt's call for the maximum penalty for criminals that murder law enforcement officers in the line of duty. The governor's request is not just for law enforcement. It's for the safety of all Missouri citizens. If a criminal is willing to take the life of a law enforcement officer, he or she has no respect or places no value on life in general. Criminals of this type are predators and are a threat to law enforcement and society as a whole.