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In support of governor's policy on illegals2008-02-25 18:00:44william

As a person who is married to a Legal Permanent Resident, who just applied for her Citizenship, I strongly applaud the Governors efforts to NOT make Missouri a "sanctuary state" for illegals. I have seen hundreds of houses roofed by Mexicans that cannot understand a word of English and the legitimate roofing contractors standing by and watching them soak the welfare system while sending their collective billions of dollars each month across the border, to help Mexico's economy. Wire services are loving it. Illegal Aliens (or to be “Liberally Correct”: “Undocumented Immigrants”)contribute NOTHING to our economy, the social welfare of the citizens, the Social Security System or the security of our State or Country...For God’s Sake...why do we need them in Missouri? Over a million jobs have been lost to NAFTA, alone, and many more to illegals. If you harbor them, you have a criminal court system full of them, the prisons full of them and the women, and illegitimate children they produce, all, sucking the life out of the Medicaid system that some legal folks need, to survive. The welfare system is not available to families of people in jail, but the families of the illegals, do not claim the person in jail, so they can get complete carte blanche on their welfare benefits and Medicaid. While the criminal, sits it out in jail, burning taxpayers’ money to keep him there. Do you really want your taxes raised to support these new jails, necessary, because of the huge influx of alien prisoners as unlicensed and uninsured drivers, drunk drivers, drug dealers, illegal workers and social degenerate crime? I say, ""No habla; no want-ya" don't step over this state line unless you want a ride home or a stay in jail." After all, why shouldn't Missouri be an model for the rest of the States? We will be still standing when all the bleeding heart liberal States are broke or taxing their citizens into the poor house.(which is already full of illegals) The states, for the most part, are literally giving the country to the illegals; millions of illegals at a time. At the present rate, by 2030, there will be no United States of America, nor Canada; it will ALL be "North America", and the massive Mexican population will comprise the new Lower (lowest) class. WAKE UP AMERICA, we cannot continue give the country away any longer. We are, or used to be, a sovereign country, meaning we said who we wanted into our country and protected it from people that would destroy it by terrorism, war, drugs, economic chaos, social degradation. Our Government, no longer believes in protecting you, and does not care if hundreds, if not thousands, of people, who by definition (illegals)are undesirable, if not, as most are, blatantly, a threat to our very way of life, cross our boarders each and every day.. We should all give, our great Governor, or heart felt, thanks, praise and support in his efforts to stop the destruction by the invaders and drive them back across, at least, our Missouri boarders and let them know that Missouri is not a state to squat in. I am also, a landlord and I would welcome a State Laws making it a misdemeanor, with heavy fines, to knowingly rent a property to an illegal alien. I believe that “harboring a fugitive” has long been against the law in this state and it should be applicable to illegal aliens as well as other fugitives. If it were a crime to attempt to rent a property by an illegal alien, then the state would have grounds to eject the alien from the state for a law violation without other probable cause. Thereby, getting a larger number out of the state before they can do more harm to the economy, the judicial system, the welfare system, or cause bodily injury to another. It is kind of the, “Get out of Dodge” idea. If Missouri law enforcement were to drop offenders off at the state line, adjoining states might adopt similar attitudes and laws as well. I also, believe that a person solicited for housing by a known, or suspected, illegal alien and does not report it, should be fined for “concealing”. Property owners should applaud this legislation, as it will protect their property from vandalism and “over occupancy”, insulate them from discrimination suits, discourage attempts at circumventing the law, and protect their property values in the neighborhood. City Governments and Utility companies could also ferret out known abusers and protect or utility companies from having to absorb the loss of revenues, which we all have to pay for, in higher utility costs. If the City required a complete list of all persons “living”, in the residence and their date of birth, and drivers license numbers, or other identification, prior to giving an occupancy permit, they would be able to control occupancy restrictions as well the location of individuals and what is a “family unit” is for Social Services. Thank you for your forum to express my “Thanks” to the Governor and the fine work he is doing to protect us.
Updated: 2008-02-25 07:07:24