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hmmm2005-11-21 10:55:51frmzarks

I am not saying these things are right, but why should we be arresting people in the white house for these actions? Arrest the idiots that are commititing the crimes. Now, if these actions were a result of white house activity, which I doubt, then you are right...

You are a joke and tool2004-05-20 03:59:50niandra

Would this of happened in Saddam's Iraq? Yes, but not under the false pre-text of democracy and America's "moral superiority." We have thrown massive amounts of radioactive waste from the DU in our tank shells all over that country, killed more than 10,000 innocent people, and made this another chapter in our beligerant history of trying to shape the world. We don't need apologies or justifications, we need indictments in the White House. These people are murderers and need to be brought to justice....ive ranted..thx
Updated: 2004-05-20 03:00:16