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Do the right thing2007-03-20 20:27:10jbushart

Indeed we do, Mark. Both of us, and the associations we represent, are committed to being able to continue to provide a service to home buyers in Missouri who want to hire home inspectors who are not connected with the real estate agents and their associations. I cannot believe that a single citizen, if asked, would think that it would be in their interest to have the Missouri Assoc of Realtors (or any similar organization) governing/overseeing the inspectors who are hired to give them an unbiased report on the property that they wish to buy. It is a simple matter of getting the word out and allowing the informed citizens of Missouri to inspire their congressional leaders to do the right thing.
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Thanks for clarity2007-03-16 22:58:00mambo

Jim Bushart, Just wanted to say that your op-ed has stirred a lot of discussion. As President of the Mo Assoc. of Real Estate Inspectors, I have been involed with legislative issues relating to home inspectors for many years now. You have sincerely articulated one apsect of the typ of legislation introduced by MO Rep. Parsons in the HB 978 and the negative impact it would have on the home buyers in MO. I have constant contact with representatives and senators in Jeff City regarding this issue and our concerns are heard, both yours(as NACHI members) and MAREI members. Sorry for the delay, as legislative issues pop up quickly sometimes and my time is focused on the issue. I am a rural inspector and am in outlying areas quite freguently but am most aware of the legisative machinations in both KS and MO. I appreciate your reference to the MA issue and would hope that this be brought to the attention of all in this discussion and debate. As you are aware, MAREI supported a home inspector registration bill introduced by MO Rep Kevin Wilson, HB 1589, in the 93 General Assembly. This legislation promoted a logical and appropriate approach to some form of oversight of the home inspection profession. No, it was not perfect in regards to the MA issue you have mentioned, but it was a good beginning. I look forward to hearing from you. I believe we hold the same values regarding our industry and the clients we work for. Thanks, Mark Adams President,MAREI email:

How it hurts the consumer2007-03-08 14:43:33jbushart

If you read HB 978, you find very little about how the home inspector is to be prepared for licensing or what the requirements are...and a whole, whole lot about how the board will operate. This board will be made up of governor appointees (as assisted through the real estate lobbyists) of certain members known to be friendly to the real estate agent community. In fact, on February 12, the real estate salesmen (along with their prospective appointees) met with Rep Parson as he discussed his bill --- much to their excitement. The home inspector who works independently of the real estate sales community and whose interests rest with the buyer of the home who contracts him...could cost an agent a sale. This bill, should it become law, would empower this real estate lobby over the home inspector. This would hurt the consumer and be bad for Missouri.