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Just as predicted...2007-04-06 09:09:10jbushart

With a big push from the Missouri Association of Realtors, two very controversial bills found their way into the Professional Licensing and Registration Committee. One was HB 978, which we have discussed --- where the MAR would control the home inspectors through a licensing board. The second is HB 324, where the MAR is pushing a bill that would give a real estate salesman immunity from civil prosecution if he or she concealed information from a home buyer about any known sex offender(s) that may be in the area of the home. While, as a home inspector and as President of the Missouri Chapter of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors, I would want the citizens to pay special attention to HB a father, grandfather and citizen I issue this plea to all who might read this to call your representative and put a stop to any chance for HB 324 becoming law, as well. This bill does nothing to protect the citizens of the State HB designed to protect the commissions of the salespeople, not the consumer. Say "NO" to the Missouri Association of Realtors and say "NO" to HBs 978 and 324.

Secret Meetings2007-03-23 19:16:24jbushart

Real estate salespeople in Kansas City are holding a series of meetings to see what they can do to push ahead their efforts to take control over home inspectors in their part of the state should Missouri citizens succeed in stopping HB 978. Not all real estate salespeople favor this measure and are attempting to thwart these efforts by sharing information. As it becomes available, I will post it to this thread to keep people in Western Missouri informed of these efforts.