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Mass. was right...2007-03-06 14:26:27lprovo

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts had it right when they began certifying home inspectors,allowing consumers to make complaints against those who violated the ethics of the code established by the licensure board and to protect the public against real estate agents who wanted to protect their commissions by steering unsuspecting buyers to "easy" inspectors. The last thing agents wanted was for someone to come in and screw up the sale. Unless working as a buyer's agent, they must now refer buyers to a list of certified home inspectors. Do they still recommend on the side...absolutely. We just heard from a home seller who had it happen to her when she purchased the home she is now intending to sell -- "by owner". I am the publisher of a for sale by owner real estate magazine in Massachusetts. Buyers need to understand what their rights and do their own homework, even in states that have already put legislation into place to help protect them. Picket Fence Preview is located in Easthampton, MA. Liz may be reached for comment at 413-529-2970 or online at