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MAR is a rich and powerful lobbying group.2007-04-10 20:15:05jbushart

With 26,000 dues paying members, the Missouri Association of Realtors feels very comfortable that they have the money and the power necessary to call their own shots. They employ several full time lobbyists and many, many legislators are active members of this group, themselves. To keep these bills from making their way through the House for approval, the good citizens of Missouri are going to need to make their voices heard. If you do not agree that the people who sell real estate should have the powers that they are pushing for in these two bills, please contact your legislator and let him/her know.

What next?2007-04-07 15:18:45mambo

Jim, Sounds like you were there. Where were you sitting? Why didn't you testify? What is next? People to be licensed to have FBI background checks? Fingerprints to be put on file with law enforcement authorities? DNA samples to be kept on file? RFID chips in cards we all have to carry or implanted into the licensees? OK, so that last one might be a little over the top but where does it stop? Mark