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Study on Deck Collapses2007-05-24 18:29:55jbushart

Memorial Day weekend will find many of us enjoying backyard barbecues with family and friends and it is wise to recall the recent collapse of a deck, nearby, that took the life of a person doing exactly the same thing. Michael Morse, the author of the report "Study Alert: Study Reveals Sharp Increase in Deck Failures" spent years studying this problem. I relied heavily upon his report in my article to bring attention to this problem and Mr. Morse deserves the attention and credit for leading the effort to bring this danger to light. Before the party this coming weekend, take another look at the deck. Be sure it is safe. If you are constructing or repairing your deck, don't cut corners on safety and quality. Lives can be in the balance. Mr. Morris' research and expertise has led him to develop quality deck fasteners that are worthy of consideration. Go to and learn more. Above all, be careful this coming holiday and enjoy it.