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Home inspector's role: working for the buyer 2007-11-26 21:55:39hadd

Good writing James. This should be submitted to every newspaper in MO as an op-ed. They may make you shorten it some, OR maybe the realtors would have the power to keep them from printing?? I could write a similar op-ed about the Home Builders Associations across MO and in fact the United states. They build houses with cheap materials, "give" worthless third party warranties, have code violations that allow water intrusion, and often have their own predatory lending company and title company. The HBA uses their obscene profits to oil the hands of legisaltors to pass legislation they write to protect themselves from their customers. Right to Repair was sold by the builders to the press as consumer protection when the truth is it only protects the builders. To top it off most of them have binding mandatory arbitration clauses in their contracts and/or warranties that name the arbitration service that must be used shutting homebuyers out of the court house. Obviously the builders are repeat users of the arbitration service -- a kangaroo court where homeowners never are made whole and then are forced to sign a gag order so they can't talk about the bad builder or the horror of arbitration. It is absolutely disgusting to me that our government on every level is now owned by corporate America. They don't really care about small busines or consumers even though they put out spin through the media to make it appear that they do.
Updated: 2007-11-26 09:57:41