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New focus needed2004-10-05 09:24:46bourgoin

jean-b's article,"Bush disregards nuclear waste warnings" (10-01-04) missed a very important point. In the President's letter to Nevada Governor Kenny Guinn, he said he wouldn't send nuclear waste to any proposed site unless it had been deemed scientifically safe. We need to focus in on the words "any proposed site." What does he mean by that? In 1984, there were a dozen proposed geologic repository sites. At three defense sites, there are 360,000 tons of liquid wastes from weapons processing. That's five times the amount due to go in the Nevada facility, which will hold mainly commercial reactor spent-fuel rods. A lot more nuclear waste has to be buried in this country than people realize. I think the President hasn't kept his promise to Nevada because he knows he's got to find six repositories, all imperfect. Ron Bourgoin Edgecombe Community College Rocky Mount, N.C.