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Perhaps, not how much but how bad2004-02-23 15:54:24acitizen

Earlier this month the Missouri House passed HB1177 which weakens the ability of the state to control the discharge of animal manures from the largest dairy, cattle, poultry and swine operations around the state. The bill would have been even more damaging to water quality had it not been for the work of several southwest Missouri representatives including Dennis Wood and Jay Wasson... In Missouri the proper installation and placement of septic tanks is governed by a sometimes antiquated patchwork of state and county laws. In northwest Arkansas, before property is sold, the seller has to conduct scientific tests to determine that a septic tank can legally be installed on the property. In Missouri, it is still "buyer beware."... Missouri can applaud itself for implementing a stricter control on phosphorus discharge from wastewater treatment plants than Arkansas. However, the media is silent on the fact that a number of southwest Missouri communities missed the deadline to reduce their phosphorus discharge to one part per million by November 2003... From an editorial by Floyd Gilzow, exec. dir., Upper White River Basin Foundation, Branson, MO