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Precious water just leaking away2007-08-15 10:03:34admin2

The editor of the Grove Observer [OK], Jim Mills, reports August 10, 2007, that Grove utility workers recently have discovered a water leak at the end of Evans Dr. that they estimate to have lost the city 24 million gallons a year, enough to service 400 new homes. Another five leaks were discovered the week before south of Honey Creek Bridge and an earlier leak found downtown during utility construction measured 1.6 million gallons a year. Total water loss for the city by discovering these leaks and fixing them reportedly brought the total loss down to 38% from 44%. Quoting Councilman Larry Parham, Mills reports that the accepted loss is 22% before the city would have to upgrade its water processing plant. The city treats 800 million gallons a year. ( stats..and what other cities in the Four State area have the same water loss or worse?