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Gag reflex at RES2006-07-02 14:14:17mambo

The RES/MDNR settlement is a great victory for RES. They did not admit guilt or fault(nothing will show up in their corporate history about their violations). The MO-Attorney Generals office is the enforcement arm of Missouri's laws and regulations. The MDNR with the MO-AG neogtiated a settlement agreeement regarding the "Notice of Violations" for odors. My attendence at recent Mo Air Conservation Commission meetings provided me the information that the MDNR through the MACC did not refer the violations completely to the MO-AG's office for litigation. I listened to an assistant MO-AG argue before the MACC, as late as April 2006, why the RES Notice of Violations should be referred completely to the AG's office and be included with the public nusiance lawsuit filed by the MO-AG and the City of Carthage against RES. The fines would likely have been much higher had this occurred. This was a win for economic development and continued corporate control of our politicians. The citizens of Carthage are now on pins and needles waiting for the next big stink to waft over the town. Then it will be up to the MDNR to smell the other way and keep the business booming. Mark