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Cavalry, charge!!2007-11-16 19:25:50admin2

The Joplin Independent has received a copy of the following letter dated November 16, 2007, from the "Office of the Governor," sent by Rich Chrismer, Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications, and addressed, Dear Mr. Nixon: "Once again, you are using your public office as an appendage of your political campaign. Your appointment of a supposedly 'independent' committee to investigate our office [Blunt's] less than a year before next November's election is unprecedented. There is no reason to believe your appointments represent a serious effort at inquiry independent of you or your political campaign. [New paragraph] We request, as your client, that you explain under what statutory or other authority you are empowered to appoint and pay from taxpayer funds someone to conduct such an investigation. Please answer this request in writing. [New paragraph] Since you have chosen to waste taxpayer money in support of your political campaign, we feel compelled to hire conflict counsel to interact with the paid staff that will apparently make inquiries of the office. As is customary with the use of conflict counsel, we expect your office to cover the costs. It is embarrassing that you have chosen again to use you [sic] office to play politics and misuse the taxpayers' money. [signed] Sincerely, Henry T. Herschel, General Counsel.