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Laugh till you puke2008-03-05 22:22:21mambo

This bob and tom bit sounds great. I think we all need a good laugh. I hope I don't have an asthma attack laughing. I will bring tape in case I break a rib laughing. We have so little entertainment today that a laugh a minute should be required attendance by all citizens. We live in such a great country that we should all be laughing all the time. God I love laughing. I laugh at the gas pump. I laugh at the IRS forms. I laugh at the US jobs leaving for China. I laugh all the way through Wal Mart. I laugh at the Air Force as they contract with a French company to build America's new mid-air refueling aircraft. I laugh and laugh and laugh. But I look forward to even more hearty laughter while listening to bob and tom. Hey, if we can't laugh then the terrorists win and will come here and kill us with bombs that will blow us all to red mist. We just have to laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh. Please keep bloodthirsty killers who want to kill Americans at bay by going to see the fantabulous bob and tom guys. They love America and so should you.