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Old News!2006-02-28 20:40:17mambo

After reading this article, it all came back to me. My wife is on a Rheumatoid Arthritis medication which is a TNF receptor blocker called etanercept, trade name ENBREL, made by AMGEN, a division of Wyeth. It is a large molecule protein. I am puzzled why this article is written as if this is new research. She has been on this medication for about 3 years and we read about this TNF issue a few years prior to it coming on the market. Is this a run up by another drug company just tweaking the drug and calling it a whole new drug to get FDA approval? Vioxx was sold as something new and it was nothing more than a glorified Non-steroidial anti-inflammitory just to sell more of the same as another profit center for the company. And we all see what happended with the Vioxx fast tracking of approval through the FDA. Always skeptical! Maybe jhu-ps can shed some light on this issue.