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Very Interesting2006-10-21 14:12:20jfkaleug

it never ceases to amaze me how something as simple as the passage of time can make cloudy instances appear clear. while i am a Democrat i have the utmost respect for Eisenhower as a leader, a president and most of all as a man. and i believe (although i haven't read this book yet) that this book will only reinforce my belief that Eisenhower is one of the most respectable men in American history. *new paragraph* as far as his 'middle of the road' political ties they are not even close to comparable to politicians today. though his assessment that if a moderate voice didn't take charge then the "lunatic fringe" would take over, which, socially, has taken on a whole new charge ever since the new regime took over in the District. *new paragraph* but while Eisenhower's political philosophy was a noble one it was also an idealist one. his belief that for a change to take place it should take place from within, a noble assessment and a very true one, but also a very idealzed belief. *new paragraph* also concerning the Eisenhower record being spotty i would beg to differ that it is rather consistant. he is consistant in a sort of George Steinbrenner way. although his consistancy is more of a saying that he supports it than showing his support... i know that that doesn't sound positive, but it really is. in the beginning of the article it is stated that Eisenhower didn't know which party to join, but in the end he chose the Republican party; the reason behind that is very clear why he chose that side. his policies and actions are almost textbookly consistant with how a strong Republican leader should be, and any future leader of the US should look to Eisenhower as a guide because while his ideals were not practical they were very noble and isn't that what we want our leaders to aspire to? *new paragraph* while Eisenhower wasn't a conservative or a liberal he was what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they drew up the Constitution, he was a great president whos legacy should not be denied.Updated: 2006-10-21 02:13:16
Updated: 2006-10-21 02:14:21