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Bravery Needs No Talent2008-03-10 22:27:18desoto

Miss Brenda not only had the tenacity to live through a life where her own mother chose a religion over her daughter and had to face difficult choices and situations that most of us could not imagine, but by sheer will-power and determination and strength of character, she not only survived and bettered her life and that of her son, she had the guts to tell her story without shame...and honesty doesn't have anything to do with "whining," nor does it require anyone's "approval," nor does it have anything to do with "talent." I applaud Miss Brenda Lee, and I will look forward to reading, or watching, anything else that she writes or does!Updated: 2008-03-10 10:35:24
Updated: 2008-03-10 10:35:55