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OKAY Then2008-02-07 17:17:24simon

Brilliant: "Google Jehovah's Witnesses 'google don't lie open will your eye', unbiased Google Yahoo AOL MSN..." Ray4, I think he just made your case for you. :-)

Google Jehovah's Witnesses2008-02-07 17:15:48dhaszard

Google Jehovah's Witnesses 'google don't lie open will your eye', unbiased Google Yahoo AOL MSN...

off line discusiion2008-02-07 17:12:59ray4

dear mr. or ms. dhaszard, what is your private e-mail address so we can communicate without bothering all these fine people on this BOOK THREAD. You can tell me all that's wrong with your church privately. Wadda' ya' say?

Remove all propaganda post2008-02-07 17:05:54dhaszard

ALERT TO MODERATORS Endless abusive reviling spamming by Jehovah's Witnesses trolls please disable delete threads,There are many personal attacks

Don't get Hannah Angry!2008-02-07 16:58:35ray4

Hannah, you're correct, of course, that these church-haters are not from here and that they are using this pitable woman's book to spread their negative message about the church Jehovah Witnesses. As if anyone cared. Please. Thank you, Hannah for some sanity.

Lighten Up Jehovah Witnesses2008-02-07 15:41:43hannah

"Are you a Jehovah's Witnesses troll that is pretending to be a non JW neutral observer?" I'm not going to dignify that question with an answer. What is obvious to me is that 1) you're not from the Joplin area and 2) you're a very bitter person. I commented on the book which I think is the reason for the thread. If anything, your ranting against the Jehovah Witnesses will draw attention to them. What's the big deal about the book. It's a story that's a "dime a dozen." Why is it so special because it is Jehovah Witnesses? Maybe I missed something. I am sorry that the author's life was ruined and that she is having difficulty moving on but that happens to many people. Why do you keep bringing Jehovah Witnesses into the picture. If the story took place in New York, would you accuse people who didn't like the story of hating New York? BTW, it is clear that you are not "beth" but a poster from below...the anti-Jehovah Witnesses who complained. Live and let live. Not everyone is going to like your book. Sorry

Jehovah's Witnesses Deception2008-02-07 15:27:44beth

Are you a Jehovah's Witnesses troll that is pretending to be a non JW neutral observer? It's the Jehovah's Witneses that are posting the personal attacks and abusive rants here. The problem with this religion is that they are so deceptive you never know when they are telling the truth,AND they will not take no for an answer.

Easy Read but not much Value2008-02-07 15:17:38hannah

I read all of the comments here and am baffled at the JW versus anti-JW war. Why pick this forum to trash a religion? If you are not a JW any longer move along...this is about the book. I read the book very quickly as the story moves along at a good pace. I did not learn anything from it though. I learned maybe a bit about the JWs who don't sound so bad. Even though the author had an unpleasant time with them, bad experience occur in every religion and with atheists also. I wouldn't (and didn't) buy the book. It added no real value to my life but I do feel pity for the author and hope that she can move along and not have to write books to find peace. Living in the past will never lead to happiness. Thank you.