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JWs Stalk Brenda Lee All Over Internet2008-02-22 17:28:30hohoho

I have to laugh at these comments. I read this book and thought it was fabulous. I can't believe the lengths that Jehovah Witnesses will go to in order to discredit someone! I've seen comments like these before. They actually stalk Brenda Lee and leave comments all over the internet in order to keep people from reading her book. Just ask yourself--WHY? Why do they do this? What is she saying that has them in such an uproar? Read OUT OF THE COCOON for yourself and don't listen to disgruntled Jehova Witnesses whose comments have no substance. They are in a sick cult and use bullying tactics to try to deny people their fundamental rights to freedom of speech. What's unbelievable is, they do this after they have fought really hard in court to have the right to come to YOUR door. Lying hypocrits they are!