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Insightful and Truthful2008-03-05 20:48:27iwitness

This book is very helpful to any JW or anyone else who has recently left a cult. It is comforting to know that you are not alone and that others have suffered in their own way. Families are broken up by this organization and for this Author - she has not seen her family for many, many years!!!! It's a tragedy. The story needs to be told!

Out of The Cocoon2008-03-05 20:45:04iwitness

This book is truly eye opening and helped me a great deal after I got out of my own cult. You can literally watch as the author comes to terms with what happened to her and essentially forgive her parents and family for letting her down. I highly recommend it to anyone! It gives a true understanding of how the Watchtower seriously damages and destroys families and the story needs to be told. It is actuall inspirational and end on a positive note!!!! I love this book.