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I agree2008-02-07 16:56:11ray4

Simon, spot on. Good review
Updated: 2008-02-07 04:56:21

Is it skill?2008-02-07 16:06:30hannah

I am not certain that the author's skill or lack of skill is evident. The story is what the story is. It is obvious from the story itself that the author is not a professional author. We shouldn't expect too much from average people who, for whatever reason, share their personal story with the world. I agree with your remaining comments however. thank you.

Cocoon is mediocre2008-02-07 07:31:51simon

Cocoon is mediocre The author tries hard but does not have the skill to present information in anything other than a gossipy somewhat boring story of her early life. While one has pity for the author, the book will resonate with few outside of the author’s family and friends