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Criminal Vern Miller2012-09-11 01:55:39ritzking

Vern Miller, temporarily Atty. Gen. of the great State of Kansas...was an egotistic, camera-seeking charlatan who sent hundreds of young (very young!---18-25!) to PRISON for, of a couple of cases which I vouch for personally: A guy spent 3 1/2 YEARS in a Penitentiary...for a half-ounce of marijuana! Another---even worse!: Sent a man to Prison for 5 years...for 5 joints (marijuana cigarettes)! And this sort of behavior is to be 'admired' and 'remembered fondly'? He's a low-life Criminal, that's all...

"Vern Miller, Legendary Kansas Lawman" 2010-03-28 17:09:53jutex64

Mr, Kennedy, I accidently brought up your review of the above referenced book on an unrelated Google search. I just want you to know that for those of us living in the Wichita area, having read the book, I for one enjoyed all of the old photos and "clippings" as you put it. I remembered many of the things brought out in the book. I wonder, if given the same opportunity to publish Mr. Miller's bio, could you have really done a superior job? This really sounded more like a personal attack than a "book review". Thank you for attempting, to say the least.