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TRUTH TO ALL!!!!12012-02-11 15:06:03allexus8

Do You Believe GOD or the Media? by Tony Alamo There are a lot of people on earth who love to think of themselves as superior to and more righteous than their fellow man. Such was the case of that perfect man JobóI mean his supposed comforters, his supposed friends. In the book of Job, GOD, who cannot lie,1 says in Job 1:1 that he was perfect and upright. He served GOD, and kept all of HIS commandments. Many fake or naÔve Christians, along with the secular world, are constantly saying that no one is perfect and that we are all sinners, as though GODíS WORD is not true, and HIS SPIRIT is not powerful enough to make us perfect if we follow HIS WORD, keep HIS commandments. These people keep repeating all these same lies over and over until the whole world (deceived world) ends up believing the devil and this lie of his hatched out of the pit of Hell. People love to repeat this lie because they love to sin, and they want you to believe that everybody loves to sin. This is absolutely not true. But if youíre not saved, if the power of GODíS HOLY SPIRIT is not living in you, how could you know?
Updated: 2012-02-11 07:54:54