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A Teacher's Tale2015-07-08 20:28:34ameyer

Mr. Kennedy, your review of Joe Gilliland's memoir, "A Teacher's Tale" is clear evidence that long and careful work is still the modus vivendi of the Heartland. I have been away from your area for over 60 years but I have never forgotten where home is. As teachers in humanities at Cochise College for 23 years, Joe Gilliland and I shared a common impulse to investigate the roots of human behavior, to discover the pure joy of creative expression, and to resolve what remained over white wine on the balcony of Bisbee's world-famous Copper Queen Hotel... Joe Gilliland has all of the rights and skills for giving us a most useful and enjoyable memoir. And I proudly volunteered my support for the cover of his second volume. The Midwest is a beautiful place, made more so by your work, Mr. Kennedy.
Updated: 2015-07-08 08:30:59