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Answers...2016-01-07 14:08:04jkennedy

Neither the author nor I ever said Methodists are not Christians. FYI, there is a separate denomination that calls itself the Christian church..(e.g. South Joplin Christian Church, First Christian Church.) The author claims to be a certified minister in several different denominations: Methodist, Christian, Baptist, etc. The author's views of government policy regarding UFOs are not necessarily endorsed by this reviewer or this publication or others. The author's own views are expressed in his book. We review it not as an endorsement but as a way to foster further discussion of the overall topic. Thank you for your comment.

Questions...2016-01-07 14:03:39johna

Since when aren't Methodists Christians? and when did the USG deny the existence of UFOs. That is a myth created by the true believers.