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Bush ideology trumps everything2005-02-15 11:42:23ajournet

Social Security is in no crisis and could be fixed with a couple of minor adjustments. One adjustment would increase the decades-old salary cap above which no further increase in SS payments are imposed; the other would increase current payments a minuscule amount. Neither is as dramatic or destructive as running up a multi-trillion dollar national debt by privatizing the system. Once again, Bush has an ideology in search of a marketable justification--so they fabricate a crisis. As Americans struggle to develop a nest egg for retirement they want to force us to subsidize Wall Street and U.S. corporations. This would place everybody at the mercy of decisions by corporations such as Enron and MCI....Iraq was the same. There was never a threat to the U.S. so they trumped one up to convince Americans to support the war--to convince Americans to sacrifice U.S. and Iraqi lives for corporate profits.....It is also the same with the tax cuts. First the tax cut was driven by the ‘crisis’ of a budget surplus; then it was driven by the Bush recession. The truth is neither; it is driven by an ideological commitment to transfer the tax burden from wealthy Americans to middle and low income Americans; Bush wants to shift his tax burden to us. Americans are being used by these self-serving radically regressive politicians to enhance their wealth. Family and American values are nowhere to be seen.