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More on Blunt & PVS2005-12-14 01:40:33kandu

frmzarks, First off, Blunt Facts only tells you what Roy wants you to know. It’s a self-serving publication, to say the least. Because of all the provisions, amendments and riders that are attached to the voluminous bills that congressmen vote on, it’s a bit disingenuous to point to one or two lines in a bill and say, “This is how I voted.” Remember the provision Roy tried to slip into the Homeland Security Bill? That was a piker move compared to how he operates today; and not one he would've published is Blunt Facts. You asked, “Why would he (Blunt) join this group?” Because Project Vote Smart is a national library of factual information, which includes thousands of candidates and elected officials – from city council members, county office holders, every elected and appointed judicial official in the nation, as well as members of Congress. PVS is dedicated to the historic undertaking of defending democracy. It strengthens the most essential component of democracy – access to information that is abundant, relevant and accurate about those who govern and those who wish to govern. That is why I implore you to take a look at their website. I agree with you that it’s crucial for congress to work together. However, working with those who have a different set of values is very different from “supporting or honoring” those who do not share your values. And wouldn’t it be more honorable and ethical if they would do it INSIDE the halls of Congress instead of at lavish $25,000 events sponsored by lobbyists who literally buy the votes of our elected officials? How obscene does it have to become before we say, “Enough is enough?” Roy Blunt continually turns his back on those who want more information about politicians and the high-stake games they play down on K Street.

Hmmmm...2005-12-13 12:32:25frmzarks

I am not sure I agree with what you have written... I make it a habit to download BluntFacts every year to see how he voted. You say it is "misleading and hard to read," but it is pretty standard. I am not sure why you have trouble reading it. I would imagine that hundreds of activist groups ask the nation's Congressmen to participate in various projects, etc. They cannot participate in every one of them, can they? Congressman Blunt is very open about how he votes, and he publishes it for all to see. Why would he join this group? I am also not sure why you would attempt to question ANY member of congress for working with other members, despite their differing views. That is what our country is based on.... Just my thoughts...