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Whats the truth here ? 2010-09-06 08:25:24redneck*

First off let me say that these horses deserve to have a good chance to be apreciated and taken care of properly! They have been thru hell and no one cared to do anything about it until the press got involved. Now it seems there are games being played to reduce charges? Come on people, there were 98 to begin with! Second, there have been people who are just across state lines wanting to help and that help has been left dangling. There is a good private rescue in mo offering to take the remaining ones in, but they are getting blown off as well. Does everyone just want these horses to end up on a dinner plate for people who are thousands of miles away? I guess thatwould fix the problem for them, out of sight out of mind , right? And what will be the charges? and will this gal be allowed to have horses again? probably as there seems to be no leagal action only talk goin on. Guess she has a good lawyer who is getting everything reduced? read between the lines folks and wake up, horse slaughter is near you and the foreigners will be profiting from that one !

Seized Horses in Kansas2010-09-06 01:22:55husker01

Nearly 50 horses need homes and the sheriff says he had 21 days to do so. I am afraid this county needs some equine education, economics and more. In a good market finding homes for 50 horses in 3 weeks is a dream. What happens to those that are very emaciated and a 1 on the body score? The sheriff had them for 1 month and they still look bad. HOrses in Kansas are extreme high risk for going to SLAUGHTER IN MEXICO. This Winding Road Rescue dealt with horse meat buyers; and therefore she has a direct connection for this county to just ship them off to be made into dinner for the Europeans. Yes, Europeans eat horse, and they eat our horses. Please contact the Co. Attorney and ask they not be shipped to Slaughter. This county knew about this rescue since late last winter when other horses died in the severe winter cold. These horses deserve more than what this horse rescue handed them. Ask this county to order this rescue person to never have horses again. These animals suffered with her; many were put down. This economy is harsh for animals; please try to offer a home to one of these horses, even if it is to be a pasture pet. They are great companions and great mental therapy for humans.