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Hidden identity message2010-11-02 16:29:50dorman-s

I used to live in Missouri -- I've been working as an expatriate in Australia for three years, now -- and I was suprised to see a newspaper run a letter of opinion about Proposition B (Nov. 2, 2010) from on Kara Crass. Suprised, mainly, because your paper ran the letter without including facts such as Ms. Crass's ownership of K-Jacs Kennel, a dog breeding farm (referred to as puppy mills in Prop. B), or that she and her place of business had been cited by the USDA for various problems. Since Ms Crass has a vested interest in the outcome of Prop. B, providing such information to the reader would have been sound journalism. Instead, you offered abully pulpit to the very people against whom Prop. B was crafted to dobattle. Bad form.