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Response to complaint about UMB2010-07-02 09:57:37staff

Sorry to hear about your trouble with UMB although obviously you are not alone considering the lawsuit filed. If you would like more information about the status of the lawsuit we suggest you phone (816) 714-7100 or go to this website - - the lawyers handling the case in the Kansas City area. Since you had high interest charges, perhaps, you might discover that some of that was illegally charged. We have heard other complaints about UMB not the least being that one branch will turn down a loan request while another branch of the same bank will honor it. Also, a bank representative conducted a personal conversation on the phone rudely demanding that the customer wait until she was finished. An obvious solution is opening an account in another bank that might still have a customer's welfare at heart.
Updated: 2010-07-03 07:02:24

Resident questions UMB business practices2010-07-02 09:39:17thomas

I am a Joplin Mo. resident and I have done my personal business with United Missouri Bank for 38+ years. Many times I have felt that they had overcharged me but I never knew why. Recently they have taken my ATM Debit Card from me after I went through a run of overdraft charges. I paid off the balance and I am currently positive on my account but they refuse to re-open my ATM MasterCard account. I have two sizable direct deposits made monthly to my account. I feel that UMB may have been doing to me as they have done to others but for a much greater time. They are currently hinting about closing my account which makes little sense to me for I direct deposit $45,000 yearly with them at this time. Currently they will not return my phone calls in a timely manner which along with this news has pushed me into asking if I may also be eligible to be a part of this class action suit against UMB.
Updated: 2010-07-03 07:02:46