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Slave wages?2010-10-24 08:08:34mariwinn

John, we can't agree with you more. The current set of "good ole boys" seems to think that people will accept the old pay scale in spite of the massive increases in utility rates that affect the prices of everything else. This thinking is in line with the idea that Joplin needs to expand its borders to somehow improve its "quality of living." What expansion has done is necessitate the need for more services that have to be paid for with increased taxes. It is obvious that the resulting higher cost of living will do nothing to increase the underpaid person's lifestyle in Joplin.

Low wage2010-10-23 20:48:57johnd

I am surprised that a Corporation as large as AT&T, that pays their CEO 24 million dollars a year, can't pay a living wage to their employees. I guess we are all supposed to see these jobs as great news but it really isn't.