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Latino Missouri2007-03-28 11:41:20sltimme

I recently viewed a story on NightLine concerning a pizza chain and Wal-Mart, of course, in Texas that are now accepting Pesos in exchange for goods. And now I see the Republican governor of Missouri has established a website for Latinos in the state. On the opening page of this site it indicates the purpose is to offer the Latino communities all the benefits and services the state has to offer. It also states that Hispanics have made great contributions to Missouri. What contributions? No list provided. It further states that the Hispanic population will only continue to grow and their contributions to the state will only increase. But the statements on the site makes no mention that the benefits and services of the state will ONLY be extended to those Latinos that are here legally. My reading of this is that illegals will be included in receiving benefits generated by taxes from legal Missourians. We now have dual language packaging, free health services (and the hiring of Spanish speaking employees to communicate with Latinos), schools have had to adjust by hiring Spanish speaking faculty or counselors, and our state govenment has also made costly adjustments to deal with the influx of Latinos. All this has come with a hefty price tag. It is my opinion that everyone has a right to the benefits and services Missouri has to offer as long as the applicants are LEGAL. But I suspect that legal Missourians will continue to tolerate our state government's hand-out to illegals. This is generally driven by large corporations pressuring a pro-business governor to turn a blind eye to the illegal immigrant problem so they can hire cheap labor resulting in an increase in their profit margin. It is hoped that the "leaders" of Missouri will identify those that are illegal and remove them from the state, and NOT provide undeserved benefits. But I won't hold my breath!