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Labor revolution needed2005-09-01 21:57:48carma56

The new changes in the worker's comp laws are only put in place to abuse the workers again. Already we cannot pick our own doctors, even if we have been treated by the company's doctor a reasonable amount of time without good results. That is why so many people lie to their doctors and insist that their injury was done at home. At least that way, our own insurance covers the expense and we can choose a decent doctor that cares more about us than what the company chooses. As for abuse, the only abuse I have seen is on behalf of company representatives that lie to us and about us. The workers are the ones who need but cannot afford the lobbyists. The way we are heading, someday this country will have another labor revolution like the one in the 1920s and 1930s!

Workers Shafted2005-08-31 18:27:16lbell

This is in reply to the reader requesting documentation on the new Missouri Workers Compensation Law. You can find the information on the Missouri Dept. Of Labor site at When you go to the site click on "NEW-HOW THE CHANGES IN THE WORKERS' COMPENSATION LAW AFFECT YOU"