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Moark's proximity to city boundary confuses me2005-10-03 16:56:52ma-earth

OK, Buzz, but correct me if I'm wrong in defining Moark's property boundary as being far less than .7 (seven tenths) of a mile from the Neosho city limits. How can the city boundary be altered to allow Moark access to Neosho's wastewater system and yet not exist in a description of Moark's location? Refer here:
Updated: 2005-10-03 05:06:04

Neosho Daily admits to typo2005-10-03 16:46:38bball

Just thought you would like to know that we corrected our typo of 7 miles to just outside of Neosho. We have been printing "outside of the city limits": in all of our stories, but a new reporter wrote this last one and the typo got past us. But the correction was made. It was not a blatant lie by the Neosho Daily. thank you, Buzz Ball